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Business Management Consulting

1. Business management and consulting.

In  Business Management consulting, the service must be provided according to the needs of the client, being very strict in the selection of services we provide to our clients as in the times and methodology of Work. Our purpose is  to provide a  quality service that meets the needs and expectations of our clients on the work entrusted, being able to provide business advisory services in a timely manner, if requested.


Below we detail the services we are providing or have provided in the last three years, being open to the provision of other specific services that you request:

- Management and Restructuring of companies in Crisis
- Preparation of Viability Plans for different objectives
- Preparation of Business Plans
- Strategic Advice
- Advice on Administrative Organization
- Advice to Financial Management
- Advice on Commercial Organization
- Analysis of Profitability of Activities

-Management Support of the Administrative

--Financial Department of the Company. With assignment of our staff if necessary
- Preparation of Accounts in our facilities
- Review and adjustment of the Company's Accounting
- Preparation of Annual Accounts and other Financial Statements
- Preparation of Consolidated Annual Accounts
- Tax and Accounting Advice

2. Account Audit and Assurance Services

Within the scope of the Audit of Accounts there are multiple and varied types of reports that can be prepared.

Below we detail the  Account Audit services we have provided in recent years. We are also open to the study and provision of the Account Audit services that are requested within those stipulated in the technical standards of Auditing:

- Audit of Annual Accounts

- Audit of other Financial Statements

- Special Reports and Limited Reviews

- Agreed Procedures

- Business Valuation Reports

 3. Economic Expertise

The management of Heroi & Partners has extensive experience in the preparation of expert opinions of an economic nature and in the exercise of bankruptcy administration, having first-hand knowledge of the problems that occur in companies that are or need to be in bankruptcy.


Below we detail the services we provide in the field of expertise and bankruptcy:

- Preparation of Economic Reports for preparation of bankruptcy applications.

- Expert opinions of an economic nature, by judicial appointment

- Expert opinions of an economic nature, on behalf of

If you have any questions regarding the services offered, please contact us and we will assist you in the shortest possible time.

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